I created Unique Visions by Jen about 12 years ago. It started off as a hobby as I was waiting for jobs to call me back because I was on unemployment from being laid off my job. My hobby quickly turned into a business when I couldn't stop making jewelry and continued to do so after I found a job.  After a while I realized I had over 40 different collections of different kinds of jewelry and I wasn't stopping there! Just 3 years ago I started adding herbal and natural products to my shop because I myself am in the process from switching from bad eating to healthier eating, medicines and cleaning supplies as well as beauty products. 
I also realized in all the years that I've had my shop open that the economy was bad and people weren't wanting plain old jewelry.....which just happened to be most of my Collections. So when I created this website I decided to put all those old collections on SALE and discontinued them only focusing on the best selling collections. You can find these discontinued collections in my SALES link at the top of the website or by clicking this link! 
A lot of my jewelry is half off and will be until they are sold out! I will continue adding things to the sales links to make them easier to find but some sales links may be within the other sections as well!
I'm really enjoying adding and making all the herbal products. As I learn more myself about what's good and bad for the human body I get excited to add things to my shop!  I'm loving how the natural products are working for me :)
I'm not too much of a blogger but because this website has the option to have a blog I started one.  I'm not sure how active I will be with it. This whole having a website is all so new to me and a lot of work goes into making one.