Unique Visions by Jen has been in business since 2005.  It started off as a handmade jewelry business and slowly worked it's way into much more when we started including herbal medicines and natural products.  Not only do we provide a unique piece of jewelry for each person...a lot of the jewelry has multiple uses.

  • Cancer Awareness Collection:  We carry almost every color and cause you can think of.  We carry bracelets, cell phone/bag charms, key chains and other pieces of jewelry can be made by request.
  • Pagan Poetry Collection: Consists of Pagan Pride support. Each has a Pentacle charm on the bracelet, key chain or bag charm. Other pieces of jewelry can be made by request.
  • Magickal Stones Collection: Consists of jewelry with natural stones. Natural stones are from the earth and contain earths energies. These also have healing properties that can be useful. I can do a small blessing on these pieces incorporating my own positive energies and can even program the stones for you before I send them. This option is necessary only if you don't know how to program your own.  Programming the stones on your pieces will ensure that the energies contained and emanating from the stone will only be meant for you.  If others touch them, the stones will absorb their energies, good or bad. A random cleansing on all your natural stone jewelry is always a good idea.
  • Whimsical Collection: These are bold decoration pieces that can be used for your altar, wall, in the rear view of your car, etc.  They usually contain the natural stones so their energies are powerful on these pieces.
  • Tinctures/Extracts: Dried or fresh herbs are combined with spirits (alcohol) for the purpose of extracting the medicinal properties of the herb and providing a medicine that is faster acting than a pill and with way less side effects than prescription drugs. These are usually put in a bit of water or juice or taken under the tongue so they can absorb through the bloodstream quicker.  These can be taken daily as a maintenance medication or as needed for shorter lasting ailments. The alcohol makes them stronger acting. There are also tinctures/extracts that are made with a base of glycerin or apple cider vinegar.  
  • Tonics: Tonics consist of 2 or more single herbal tinctures/extracts/herbs.  Usually made for specific purposes in order to make it a healing powerhouse.  Instead of getting the benefit of just one herb you are getting the same kind of benefits from a few to many different kinds of herbs that have the same healing properties. These are to be taken daily as a maintenance but can also be taken as needed.
  • Infused Oils: These are oils made with a base oil and the herb is infused into it.  So unlike an essential oil where you are getting the plants concentrated "oils"........an infused oil is already a much diluted form of an essential oil.  Usually one will take an essential oil and mix it with a carrier oil.  We use Extra Virgin Olive Oil for our infused oils so the herb is already infused into it.
  • Salves: Salves are like infused oils except you add beeswax and sometimes other ingredients.  The beeswax acts as a thickener and solidifies the oil into an ointment like texture.  These are great if you want a little bit that will absorb into your skin rather than leave a super oily coat like a plain oil would.
  • Capsules: Supplemental capsules are also good as a maintenance medication. Taking just 2 pills a day will allow you to get those nutrients in your body on a regular basis.  Most supplemental capsules are to be taken with a meal because some are known to upset your stomach when not taken with food. 
  • Loose herbs: Loose herbs are sold so that you can make your own products.  Sometimes people don't like to spend their money on products they know they can make.  Plus, DIY projects are just plain Awesome!  Afterwards, you get a sense of reward knowing that you just made a product that is going to better your health. When purchasing my loose herbs, I provide an insert on how to make a few items.
  • Tea Blends: Loose herbs combined loose tea or into tea bags for an enjoyable healing hot drink.  Because my tea blends are made with whole herbs and roots that aren't powdered or sifted too much, a longer infusion or steep may be necessary in order to get a stronger tea.
  • Toothpaste: My Natural toothpaste has NO FLUORIDE!! That's right...Fluoride does some bad things to your body and health and when I switched my toothpaste and mouthwash to my own, I have gotten great results! I only use all natural products. After brushing your teeth with my toothpaste, it is recommended to spit it out in a cup and throw it away or just spit in the garbage can.  My toothpaste contains coconut oil and almost any oil has been known to clog drains.
  • Deodorant: Natural deodorant doesn't come with all the toxic chemicals like store bought deodorants, especially the aluminum. All you need is a tiny pea size to rub under your arms and you're ready to go!
  • Lip Balms: Store bought chap stick contains petroleum and so many other toxic ingredients.  Your lip balm should not be able to set on fire because of an ingredient in it.  It has been said that chap stick and cheap lip balms sold in stores also contain tiny shards of glass that cut your lips up needing you to soothe them by licking them...which takes off the lip balm you just applied and requires you to apply more. A never ending battle of the addiction of Chap Stick and why we buy so much of it. My lip balms contain all natural ingredients.